About Refugee Days CPH

Refugee Days CPH encompasses various initiatives throughout the year. Initiatives such as Refugee Film Festival, Refugee Week Celebration and numerous other events, workshops and happenings in Copenhagen.

Through a diverse program of cultural, educational, and artistic events, we create images and connections that go beyond labels, fostering a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those who are forced to flee, those who can move and those who choose to stay.

Through our platform we amplify voices of refugees and migrants. By their illuminating their stories, unique perspectives, and artistic messages, we support the work and achievements of migrants and refugees.

We believe that artworks, stories and images are crucial in shaping our societies and relations. Through our work we hope to build the foundation for new and better ways of living and connecting with one another, across cultures and borders and a society with universal access to basic rights, safety and human dignity.

Refugee Days Copenhagen is an open, inclusive, and inspiring platform where diverse voices come together to celebrate the beauty of shared experiences and humanity. Join us in honoring the journeys, talents, and contributions of refugees and asylum seekers as we build a more inclusive Copenhagen.